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What are the benefits of using dry shampoo

What is Dry Shampoo?

Dry Shampoo is a oil-absorbing powder that, when applied to hair, removes dirt and grease without the hair-damaging process of washing. Once you apply the powder the next step is to rub it into your scalp and hair for a short while so that all of enriching oils can be absorbed. After you complete this stage, all you have to do next is brush or comb it out.


Dry shampoos are not necessarily designed to completely eliminate washing hair from your routine, but they do wonders for anyone interested in increasing the amount of time between washing. Dry shampoo has a wide variety of “emergency uses” as well. Why shampoo your hair after a long flight when you can use dry shampoo to revitalize it? Just finish a long workout? Save loads of time not shampooing your hair by using a dry shampoo. There are endless predicaments in which dry shampoos could be greatly beneficial, but this method of cleaning hair is not for everyone.

From a health standpoint it is rather undesirable to wash your hair in the shower on a daily basis. To avoid damaging your hair and to keep it in top shape many professionals recommend using dry shampoo. When you wash your hair, not only are you removing all of the undesirable particles that build up, such as dirt and sweat, but the natural oils that keep your hair healthy and in prime condition as well.


If you have coarse or curly hair, then dry shampoo may not be the best idea when you take into consideration that it needs to be brushed out. Since the oil needs moisture to bond to it will not work well on people who have very dry hair. Keep in mind that there are certain shampoos for certain hair colors. Failure to pick the right color may cause your hair to look less than natural (eg. white powder in brown hair).Still not convinced that dry shampoos are right for you? Stop by your nearest salon or dry-hair salon and ask for a dry shampoo sample to try out. It doesn’t hurt to try, and if it works well on your hair then there is so much for you to gain! When using dry shampoos you save time, money and the natural beauty and health of your hair.