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What are Hair Treatments and how to choose them

Hair Treatments

If you’re looking for a product that works deeper than a hair conditioner, one that actually goes below the surface to restore strength and vitality, then you’re looking for a hair treatment, which handles hair problems at the source, giving you improvement from the inside out. While conditioners can be used each time you shampoo, most hair treatments are meant to be used no more than once a week, usually when there’s a specific problem like hair breakage or extreme dryness. Whether you do it yourself or have your stylist apply a treatment, it is the most aggressive way to improve the health of your hair.


Improving your hair’s moisturizing properties is not just a matter of appearance or feel, moisture is a delivery system that sends nutrients to the follicle bulb. Most commercial treatments contain oils and fats, from items like coconut and olive oil, to deliver moisture, while some people prefer an all natural approach by using mayonnaise, honey or eggs in their pure form. Whatever your preferred method, the application is usually the same. Apply the treatment after washing your hair and wrap your head in a warm towel, leave on for twenty minutes or longer and rinse thoroughly with warm water.


The most important thing to remember about anti-dandruff treatments is that they target the scalp and not the follicles. Dandruff can be caused by psoriasis, zinc deficiencies or even stress, and anti-dandruff treatments work to restore the pH balance to prevent flaking. Hair care companies have realized the value of natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and chamomile tea to reduce dandruff. But, more aggressive compounds like zinc pyrithione, ketoconazole and salicylic acid are still used to reduce the production of yeast and serve as an anti-fungal agent.


If you have fine, straight hair that lays flat against your scalp, or you just want to add a little more body to your hair, a volumizing treatment will add more texture to your strands. Volumizing treatments work on two fronts, they remove excess minerals from your hair than can come from water, and they actually add to the circumference of each strand. The type of treatment you choose depends on your lifestyle; a leave in volumizing conditioner is good for people who stay on the go, while a rinse out treatment might be better for those who don’t like too much product on their hair or people with color treated hair.

Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss, in men and women, has two primary causes; genetics and hormones. Hair loss treatments work by stimulating hair growth, blocking the effects of DHT, which is a male sex hormone that causes hair loss, and acting as an anti-inflammatory. Women who experience hair loss may have a thyroid condition or even psoriasis. Regardless of the type of hair loss treatment you use, the key is patience and consistency. Applications are usually made once or twice a day, and it can take from three to six months before you see any results.