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Highlights or Lowlights - What Should you do?

Many women are asking themselves what kind of highlights they should do, or if they should do lowlights, but also in many cases we had seen that the difference between those types of hair coloring is not well understood, we would like to explain very briefly what this difference is and how to establish what you should do.


Highlights are made by bleaching small parts of your hair and they are done when the color of the hair is a little darker. This way your hair color will have blond shades. If the color of your hair is already light/blonde, you should consider doing some lowlights in order to give your hair a darker shade.


Low-lights are done in the same way as the highlights, but color-wise, they are the opposite of the highlights. So, if your hair is already blonde or a lighter color, the low-lights will get you a darker shade.

What should you do?

In conclusion, if you would like to have blond shades through your hair color, you have to do highlights. If you would like to have darker shades through you hair color you will have to do low-lights.